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What is a Tigerella?

A tigerella is a striped tomato. Bright red with orange stripes, it is a rare heirloom varietal smaller than other tomatoes, but better tasting and prettier. Tigerella Creative is a full-service design firm in Seattle, WA.

Why hire Tigerella Creative?

You have more ideas than time.

Starting a business, planning an event, or plotting an endeavor that needs a professional brand identity? 

Partner with someone creative, experienced, and flexible – who can deliver and then train you – not lock you into an ongoing expense. Don't burn out by trying to do everything yourself. Don't undermine all your hard work by putting out a half-assed first impression.

You're already wearing too many hats.

Maybe you hired people to get your website or social media started, but somehow let it all languish when they handed it off to you.

Now you need to refresh things, fix broken links, and it's all a giant drag because it needed to be done two years ago. Your website isn't mobile-friendly, the graphics are dated, and the last designer vanished with your passwords.

You find marketing stressful or boring.

Are you a creative person – an artist, an author, a musician – who just wants to focus on creating things? 

Maybe you hate even thinking about "selling" yourself. You know you need better marketing materials, a thriving social media presence, and more ways for fans to buy your products – but it's overwhelming. Get a head start and a simple marketing plan.


Who is Tigerella?

Jessie Summa Russo spent 8 years designing and managing senior designers at Amazon.com during the transition from "Earth's Biggest Bookstore" to "Earth's Biggest Selection." 

In 2006, she opened Skylark – a live music venue and restaurant in West Seattle – and ran it for 7 years, booking thousands of bands while designing everything from the neon sign to event posters. 

Jessie served as president of the Seattle Nightlife & Music Association during the successful dance tax repeal, and volunteers with local and statewide arts advocacy groups.

Now designing identities, websites, and marketing campaigns for clients from Seattle to Massachusetts, Tigerella Creative can also enlist and manage talented web developers, writers, composers, photographers, and videographers as needed to boost your brand.